Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers must be inspected monthly. Employers must train employees when and how to use fire extinguishers on an annual basis.


Did you Know?

  • Fire extinguishers must be visually inspected monthly
  • Fire extinguishers MUST be serviced and tagged each year
  • Annual training of employees is required


There are different types of fire extinguishers. In the US they are categorized as follows:

Fire Class A for Ordinary Solid Combustibles (A for “Ash”)

Fire Class for Flammable Liquids and Gases (B for “Barrel”)

Fire Class C for Energized Electrical Equipment (C for “Current”)

Fire Class D for Combustible Metals (D for “Dynamite”)

Fire Class K for Oils and Fats (K for “Kitchen”)

From fire extinguisher inspection -> to training -> to use, we have you covered!


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