From healthcare to office safety, All Risk Training and Safety
works with a wide range of industries.

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We specialize in the evaluation of safety and risk management systems in order to develop a comprehensive risk strategy to ensure compliance and improve the financial stability of your business.



Our Mission

Through continued communication, education and training, we strive to help our clients build successful safety management systems and change employee behaviors.

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Our experts are delighted to partner with your existing risk and safety teams. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience to add/change or update your existing strategy.




  • From Our Clients

    “Greg made sure that our team was kept up to date on all changes that take place in the fire service and EMS fields. All Risk Training and Safety is a very valuable asset to my company and my response team.”
    - Craig Votta
  • From Our Trainees

    "It was the best HAZMAT course I have taken."  
  • From Our Trainees

    “Instructor was engaging and created a great learning environment.”  
  • From Our Clients

    “Since contracting the All Risk Training and Safety, we experienced a 50% reduction in OSHA Recordables over a six month period. We also realized a 40% reduction in Worker’s Compensation costs. All Risk Training and Safety was instrumental in working with our management group and employees on recognizing areas of improvement and implementing changes to our Safety Management System.”
  • From Our Trainees

    "Great training!"  
  • From Our Trainees

    "The material was clear and easy to understand"

Our Capabilities

Classroom Training
Safety Consulting
Policy/Procedure Writing
Fire Extinguishers
We promote safety not only for the job, but as a way of life.

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