Be Safe in the Workplace!

guy welding near tanks <=It’s “safe” to assume, you wouldn’t want to walk up on this scene!

Workplace Safety Suggestions

Here are two hypothetical views about safety in the workplace, one from the employee, the other from the employer.  These examples of each of their perspectives will give you, brainstorming power to share so that everyone can identify responsibilities and help each other.

Employee view of Workplace Safety

If I were in total control of my surroundings, it would be less hazardous for me, but that is not the case.  I interact with equipment, machinery, tools and other employees daily.  My employer has a role in making my job as hazard free as possible.   As a worker, I think about what others are doing to keep me safe.  Sure I need to be careful, but if I get hurt I’ll just go the doctor.  I need to be properly trained for the tasks that I perform.  There is mandatory training that is based on OSHA regulations which is helpful but I really like task specific training that shows me how to perform my duties.

Employer view of Workplace Safety

We follow OSHA regulations and we ensure everyone receives training.  OSHA addresses the workers exposure to a wide range of occupational health and safety hazards.  We provide periodic reviews of our written policies and procedures which employees are required to read and sign.

Safety Guy Recommends…

Did you cringe when the employee mentioned “going to the doctor”?  I did!  Because employers are busy and with the economy squeezing everyone… the extra touches can suffer.  How much do those “extra touches” co$t???  In the case of safety there is not a price that can be measured.  OSHA regulations and mandatory training is great and provides a fantastic foundation for safety in the workplace.  The extra touches I am referring to are specific task based training, ongoing review of not only reading policies and procedures but also adding a physical walk through to point out hazards in your environment on a regular basis.  Employees need to speak up as well, employers and management must keep an “open door” policy and encourage “see something, say something” in every way.  Employees need reminders and encouragement that health and safety in the workplace is the job of everyone!  Studies show when employees are empowered they take pride in their work and they take ownership of their actions including ownership of workplace safety.  To help employers/management save time near term and money in the long haul, create and manage a robust safety program specific to your needs and keep it fresh with relevant and consistent updates.

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